s9 "Pex" Spiral zips

Non-lock & auto-lock sliders
Continuous chain and sliders
Code Description
s9-CM Closed-End
s9-OM Open-End
s9-TM 2W Open-End
s9-HM O-Type Measuring your zip
s9-XM X-Type
s9-CXM X-Type Closed

we make to measure


 New at ZIPEX




Our range of s9 zips has now increased

We are now able to produce s9 Two Way Open End with two non lock Double Pull Sliders (as illustrated on the left).

This is a robust zip that is designed for use with heavy-duty fabrics.

It is ideal in a structure that requires:-

1. Panels that can be attached/detached.

2. Panels that can open from both top and bottom. 

3. Access from both inside and outside.






Two way open end is now available with double puller sliders.

We recommend that customers should test the zip fastener under their own conditions to ensure it's suitable for the intended purpose.